Kids aren't the future... They are the NOW!

At KCC Kids, we believe your kids are not the future of the church; we believe they are the church right now! Our incredible team of volunteers are background checked, trained and prepared to give your kids – the church – a fun, safe and impactful experience each and every time they participate in a class or event hosted by KCC Kids. Through games, crafts, videos, stories, songs and more, your kids will learn Bible stories, important life applications, memory verses, easy to remember Bible points and so much more! Come check us out on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings or during special events! We value you and your kids and can’t wait to see you soon!

Kids classes begin at 9:00a on Sundays!



We have an exceptional nursery staff to take care of your babies and toddlers before the age of two in an environment that is developmentally appropriate for their needs. Our infant nursery cares for kids before they begin walking consistently with the utmost attention and hospitality. In our walking nursery, we sing songs, watch videos, play with toys, hear stories and learn how to cooperate with peers in an engaging environment. We know your young children all have different needs and schedules; just let us know how we can best care for your children and we'll work together to make it happen! Nurseries are available from 9:00a - 11:00a (or until service is over) on Sunday mornings.

Toddlers - Pre-K

Our toddlers and pre-K students learn through Grow Curriculum. This curriculum is exciting, fresh, engaging and, most of all, Biblically informative and spiritually transformative. Each Sunday, kids will learn a Bible story and a Big Idea through crafts, snacks, games, motor skill activities, songs and videos. In March and April, 2023, we will be learning about parts of Jesus's ministry through the theme "Changing Gears" and understanding the Big Ideas of: We change when we know who God is, Our past doesn’t change God’s love for us, Jesus changes how we see things, and Jesus can change anything. After our 9:00a class, we encourage families to sit together and worship in service for a few minutes before our toddlers - Pre-K kids return to class for Kids Church!


Our kids in grade school up through fourth grade use an adaptation of the Journey Land curriculum from Memorial Road Church of Christ and slap a little KCC Kids flare onto it. Each Sunday at 9:00a, your kids will experience something different through our rotation-style curriculum. In the span of about a month and a half, they will hear historical context of a specific time or story in the Bible in HIStory, hear a story in Story Garden, play games to reinforce the stories they are learning in Base Camp Games, make something to help them remember a story in God's Masterpiece, watch videos and understand a story through movies in Now Playing, and learn some of the basics in Bible Basics. During March, 2023, kids will be hearing about the Passion of Jesus and the events that surrounded it in this rotation setting.

KCC Kids 56

The students might call it a vibe; we call it KCC Kids 56. We know there comes a time when a student outgrows kids ministry but hasn't quite grown into middle school ministry. KCC Kids 56 comes into that gap to create a chill learning environment where students can feel comfortable and engaged while participating in some in-depth text study applicable to 21st century life. From fall 2022 - spring 2023, our students will be walking through the lives of Elijah and Elisha and seeing God do great things through flawed humans who were rewarded for their faith in him. Come on in at 9:00a for class on Sunday mornings or get there early and hang out.

KCC Kids Parent Hub

Check out the all new KCC Kids Parent Hub! The Hub is chalk-full of resources to help #parentstakethelead in the spiritual lives of their families. From information on what we study at church to podcast suggestions to family date nights to guided table discussions and more, the Hub has something for everyone. Click the graphic above to check it out or just head over to

Wednesday Nights

Kids of all ages have classes on Wednesday nights during the school year, too! Classes for nursery, Pre-K, K-1st, 2nd-3rd and 4th-6th happen from 6:30p-7:30p! Wednesday nights give our kids a relaxed environment with loving volunteers that creates great avenue for friendship and mentorship. Whether through the Bible timeline or kid-friendly themed Bible studies or advanced applicable Bible knowledge or simple Bible points, your kids will be given an environment to grow spiritually and Biblically. Oftentimes, we will have dinner together before class starting at 5:45p. Check the events on the home page of this site to get details!

Kids Church

During church at 10:00a on Sundays, we have kids church available for toddlers - pre-K students. We believe in the importance of intergenerational relationships and the value of worshiping together as a family. For that reason, we keep kids church available exclusively for kids who are not yet in elementary school. For our younger students, we have an interactive, abbreviated service with singing, dancing, memorizing Scripture, playing games, learning Bible points, eating snacks, hearing a Bible store and figuring out other shenanigans to get into! Kids church starts a few minutes after 10:00a service starts. After singing and praying a bit together, kids will be dismissed to kids church.

KCC Kids Camp

Kids camp is a three day event in which kids will attend worship sessions, gather with teams, share meals, play games, compete in tournaments, engage with spiritual leaders, and more. This year, Kids camp will be taking on KCC Kids’ summer theme of “Kingdom Come.” We will see what Kingdom Come might look like and how we can be active in bringing God’s Kingdom here rather than stagnantly waiting around doing nothing. Kids camp is for kids who are in 3rd-7th grade as of Fall 2023. Click the image for more information and to sign up!

Way Cool Wednesdays

Come out to Way Cool Wednesdays this summer and be the cool you! WCW is available to kids ages 2 years - completed 6th grade. Locations of each event may differ week to week. Stay up to date and get more information (including sign-up info) by clicking the image above and heading over to!

Before You Arrive

We use KidCheck software to ensure our kids are dropped off and picked up by the right people. When you get here, find one of our stations with iPads to check your kid(s) in. Before you get here, follow the link by clicking on the KidCheck logo in order to sign up so you can be ready by the time you get here on Sunday morning! While signing up, be sure to select "Kerrville Church of Christ" in the drop down menu at the bottom of the form. Your information will be safe and secure as will your children through this check-in software.

Kids Events

Volunteer with KCC Kids!

Meet Mr. Clark

Meet Mr. Clark

Mr. Clark tells people he was born and raised in the greatest city on earth, San Antonio, TX, but it's pretty evident when he takes off his glasses that he's actually from Krypton and spends his spare time saving the planet. This ancient being graduated high school in 2011 and graduated from Lubbock Christian University with a bachelor's degree in children's ministry in 2015. As a kid, Mr. Clark knew he wanted to be involved in ministry (after his NBA career was over, of course). As an eighth grade student, he put his focus solely on kids ministry and hasn't looked back. There is nothing more fulfilling to him than seeing kids grasp the love and Word of God. When he's not hanging out with kids or flying around in his spandex saving the world, Mr. Clark loves all things sports. He is a huge fan especially of basketball, American football and disc golf. Married in 2015, Mr. Clark and his wife, Mrs. Maddie, have a two-and-a-half year old son named Asa and a newborn son named Peter! When he grows up, Mr. Clark wants to either be a professional athlete or switch universes and become Spider-Man. Mr. Clark's mantra is "Faith. Focus. Finish." and he has faith in, focus on, and longing for the day when the Kingdom of God finishes coming here in totality.

Meet Mrs. Elsita

Meet Mrs. Elsita

Mrs. Elsita was born in San Antonio but claims Kerrville as her home without any hesitation. She is proud to be a Tivy Alum. TFND! She has a very close-knit family; she is a proud wife for over 20 years to her "Super Man," Mr. Jason, and is an extremely proud mother of five amazing kids (Naomi, Ruben, Jaylin, Jazlyn, and Miracle) and one amazing son-in-law (Gilbert). Another one of her favorite titles comes from a one-year-old named Harmony who calls her "Glammie." Teaching "tiny humans" came to Mrs. Elsita naturally. She worked with kids through being a dance instructor for years (ask her to show you a few moves). After coming to KCC in 2015, she got involved in the kids ministry right away, volunteering at every opportunity. Fast-forward to 2020, and she was offered her "dream job" where she would get to implement her teaching skills to lead children closer to Christ. In her free time you can find Mrs. Elsita in the kitchen as she is a Mexican food enthusiast (well...just a food enthusiast!). She also enjoys just being outdoors with her family. As a kids minister, it is her number one priority to remind each and every kid to always "let your light shine" no matter where you are! On any given Sunday, you will catch a glimpse of Mrs. Elsita dashing by each Bible class to check on our KCC Kids Squad volunteers and students. During worship time, you will find her near the stage for Kids Church - where it ALL GOES DOWN! On Wednesday nights, you will catch her teaching and having some fun in our Pre-K class. Mrs. Elsita's life aim is letting her light shine so that others may see Christ in her. She eagerly awaits the day when she hears him say “WELL DONE!" Mrs. Elsita looks forward to meeting and walking alongside you and your family as disciples of Christ!


KCC Kids Camp 2023
3rd-7th Grade (as of fall 2023)
June 25-27