Scott Warner - Senior Minister

Scott is a man who is also a preacher. He works at KCC as the senior minister.

Raymond Schultz - Connections Minister

Raymond is a man who is also a worship leader. He works at KCC as the connections minister.

Ricky Pruitt - Youth and Family Minister

Ricky is a man who is also a youth minister. He works at KCC as the youth and family minister.

Clark Sayre - Kids Minister

Clark tells people he was born and raised in the greatest city on earth, San Antonio, TX, but it's pretty evident when he takes off his glasses that he's actually from Krypton and spends his spare time saving the planet. This ancient being graduated high school in 2011 and graduated from Lubbock Christian University with a bachelor's degree in children's ministry in 2015. As a kid, Clark knew he wanted to be involved in ministry (after his NBA career was over, of course). As an eighth grade student, he put his focus solely on kids ministry and hasn't looked back. There is nothing more fulfilling to him than seeing kids grasp the love and Word of God. When he's not hanging out with kids or flying around in his spandex saving the world, Clark loves all things sports. He is a huge fan especially of basketball, American football and disc golf. Married in 2015, Clark and his wife, Maddie, have a two-year-old son named Asa and another son on the way! When he grows up, Clark wants to either be a professional athlete or switch universes and become Spider-Man. Clark's mantra is "Faith. Focus. Finish." and he has faith in, focus on, and longing for the day when the Kingdom of God finishes coming here in totality.

Elsita Bratcher - Assistant Kids Minister

Elsita was born in San Antonio but claims Kerrville as her home without any hesitation. She is proud to be a Tivy Alumni. TFND! She has a very close-knit family; she is a proud wife for over 20 years to her "Super Man," Mr. Jason, and is an extremely proud mother of five amazing kids (Naomi, Ruben, Jaylin, Jazlyn, and Miracle). Another one of her favorite titles comes from a one-year-old named Harmony who calls her "Glammie." Teaching "tiny humans" came to Elsita naturally. She worked with kids through being a dance instructor for years (ask her to show you a few moves). After coming to KCC in 2015, she got involved in the kids ministry right away, volunteering at every opportunity. Fast-forward to 2020, and she was offered her "dream job" where she would get to implement her teaching skills to lead children closer to Christ. In her free time you can find Elsita in the kitchen as she is a Mexican food enthusiast (well...just a food enthusiast!). She also enjoys just being outdoors with her family. As a kids minister, it is her number one priority to remind each and every kid to always "let your light shine" no matter where you are! On any given Sunday, you will catch a glimpse of Elsita dashing by each Bible class to check on our KCC Kids Squad volunteers and students. During worship time, you will find her near the stage for Kids Church - where it ALL GOES DOWN! On Wednesday nights, you will catch her teaching and having some fun in our Pre-K class. Elsita's life aim is letting her light shine so that others may see Christ in her. She eagerly awaits the day when she hears him say “WELL DONE!" Elsita looks forward to meeting and walking alongside you and your family as disciples of Christ!

Vicki Coley - Office Administrator

Vicki is a woman who is also an office administrator. She works at KCC as the office administrator.

Cindy Schroeder - Assistant Office Administrator

Cindy is a woman who is also an assistant office administrator. She works at KCC as the assistant office administrator.

Julee White - Finance Secretary

Julee is a woman who is also a finance secretary. She works at KCC as the finance secretary.